What is 'foodophobia' and why is it dangerous?

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PHOENIX -- A resolution to get healthy is never a bad idea, but sometimes it can cross that thin line between a goal and an obsession.

When do healthy habits turn into something that's potentially bad for you?

When it comes to what they will and will not eat, some people border on militant.

Dr Art. Mollen talked it through with 3TV's Yetta Gibson Tuesday morning. He calls it "foodophobia" and says it happens when people decide they simply cannot eat certain foods -- ever.

"People become obsessed with being healthy," Mollen said. "The problem is so many of the studies out there are ambiguous."

According to Mollen, moderation is key.

"Don't get too obsessed with what you're eating," Mollen cautioned.

What he calls "foodophobia" can escalate into something worse -- a serious eating disorder called anorexia nervosa.

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