Phoenix teen burned over 75 percent of body

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PHOENIX -- A 13-year-old Phoenix boy is in the hospital with burns to more than 75 percent of his body.
Firefighters said he added an accelerant to some burning trash in the backyard of his home near 16th Street and Broadway Road and the flames roared up and engulfed him.

His parents arrived home to the horrific scene about 5:30 p.m. Monday.

"They heard an explosion so they go back there and they find him on fire, they put him out," said Phoenix fire Capt. Jorge Enriquez. "So we don't know if he was just burning it on purpose or if it was an accidental deal or what was going on."

Firefighters rushed him to Maricopa Medical Center.

The boy suffered second- and third-degree burns on top of his head, around his torso and on his arms and legs. His prognosis is not known at this time.

Firefighters want people to know it is illegal to burn trash like that in the city of Phoenix.