Girls apologize for racist rant

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- The girls behind a racist rant that caused emotions to run high last week are speaking out and once again it's in a YouTube video.

In a video that was initially posted a year ago but resurfaced Friday, the girls rant and rave over illegal immigrants, swear and make vulgar gestures.

Arcadia High School was mentioned somewhere on social media in relation to the video, but the Scottsdale Unified School District assured that the girls who are seen and heard going on the racist rant have never attended the high school.

Over the weekend, the same group of girls posted an apology on YouTube. The girls claim they were drunk, poorly influenced, didn't know what they were doing and have changed since the video was made.

The girls claim no students from Arcadia High School were involved in the making of the racially charged video.