January 8 suvivor couple tell story of recovery

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Over the last year, families of January 8 shooting victims have had to bury and mourn loved ones while survivors have gone through painful surgeries and rehab.

January 8 survivors Jim Tucker and his wife shared what the last year's been like for them.

In the moments before a gunman opened fire killing 6 and wounding 13, Doris Tucker stood at the front of the line, thanking Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for some recent legislation.

"There's a line of people and I figure I can say everything I want to say in less than a minute," said Doris Tucker.

Her husband Jim was next up, deciding how to phrase his message to Gabby.

"We were rudely interrupted," said Jim Tucker.

Jim was shot in the collarbone and the leg.  But the rounds fired the morning of January 8 somehow missed Doris.

"I just thought dear Lord thank you, this could have been a whole lot worse," said Jim.

The physical recovery has been tough for Jim. Good health insurance through work plus victims funds have helped him through broken bones and sliced nerves.

"Whenever i would move, it'd be bone rubbing against bone," said Jim.

And just weeks ago, Jim underwent another procedure to surgically fuse his collarbone.

"So there's a stainless steel plate and nine screws in there," Jim explains.

"He couldn't button his shirts. He couldn't use his right arm. He couldn't eat comfortably," said Doris.

But their faith has kept them strong and allowed them to let go of anger.

Their sense of humor and determination has kept them going.

"It was hard for me to see Jim struggle, but at the same time I'm just proud of him, the way he chose to go on, and improve and get better," said Doris.

The Tuckers say they've bonded and become friends with many other survivors of the tragedy.