Interfaith services on January 8

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- On Sunday morning, places of worship across the Old Pueblo took time in its service to mark the anniversary of the shooting.

Saint Augustine's Cathedral hosted an interfaith service, attended by Governor Jan Brewer and some of the January 8 survivors.

The bell tolled for each of the six Tucsonans who died in the January 8 shootings and with each ringing-- there was a rose placed in their memory.

"Bring your troubles bring your enemies and there you may sit at the prepared table and i will strengthen you," said

Saint Augustine's was packed with prayers Sunday from members of all faiths, remembering the communty's loss.

it's going to be a really difficult day not just for myself but everyone here.

Former congressional intern Daniel Hernandez was one of many survivors to attend.

He carried the rose for the honorable Judge John Roll.

"He's an examplary example of a public servant and it was a great honor for me to do that," said Hernadez.

Survivors Pam Simon and ron barber insist tragedy must turn to triumph.

"if there's anything we can take from this year of recovery and tragedy it's that we need to treat each other compassionately,"

just a sign of what this community's about which is people coming together in unity compassion and love and we've certainly felt it this year.

On the day of remembering the victims, Governor Jan Brewer makes a plea:  We must prevent this from happening again.

"Trying to reach out in a lot of different ways from the churches, health services, from the mental health community so we can all be good stewards of our sisters and brothers," said Gov. Jan Brewer.

Some visitors like Ron Barber say the real work continues to make sure Tucson and the rest of the country remember that lesson of civility and respect.