Stop hair loss and grow fuller hair with Nuvira's cold laser treatment

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By Lloyd Dickson By Lloyd Dickson

Cold laser treatment is an innovative way to stop hair loss and grow fuller, healthier looking hair naturally without surgery. Cold laser is actually an old process that has some emerging applications. The core mechanism is to promote blood flow.  The treatment consists of sitting under a laser once or twice a week for 30 minutes. The experience can be very calming as Nuvira provides private rooms with flat screen TVs for your entertainment.

Per Steve Seeger most patients see a reduction in hair loss within 90 days and new hair growth after about six months. The treatment can be used on both men and women with a variety of hair color and textures. For best results, take action and visit Nuvira as soon as the hair loss starts to happen. The cold laser treatment helps the healthy hair follicles grow as oppose to reviving dead hair follicles.  For more information on cold laser treatment visit Nuvira online and schedule a free consultation. Consultations usually take about 15-30 minutes and if you like, you can start your first session on the same day as your consultation.