Safeway unveils January 8 shooting memorial

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A new memorial was unveiled at the site of the mass shooting in Tucson.  It's a place where the community can now pay tribute.

"I've been waiting for them to put something there to remember these wonderful people not only the ones who are gone but the ones who were hurt," said Gabby Jurecky.

Gabby Jurecky was among the first to lay flowers at a new memorial at the Safeway store where, one year ago, a shooter took the lives of six and injured more than a dozen others, "The minute I walked in to get my groceries it just hit again.  It hit again that it was so so sad."

"This is a true weekend of remembrance and we thought the timing was right," said Nancy Keane from Safeway, Inc.

Safeway spokesperson, Nancy Keane, says the store has been planning the memorial since the deadly shootings, "Safeway wants to ensure that respect is always maintained at this location that's been made sacred through tragic loss."

Safeway kept the memorial rather simple with six surrounding rocks representing the victims who died and one large boulder representing those who lived.

"And just with the plaque that's on this main boulder here, I think it's wonderful," said visitor Lawrence Abbate.

Some shoppers paused to take a look, add another bouquet or snap pictures of the symbolic rock bed.

It was designed, with help from the Pima County Attorney's office and input from the victims and their families.

"Because everything that we've done we really have kept them at the forefront of our mind," said Keane.

For the last year, Tucsonans have found ways to wear their hearts on their sleeves and on their wrists in the form of a commemorative wrist band.

Now there is one more reminder of our past and the future we continue to build.