Road rage shooting shuts down Tempe freeway

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- A silver Jeep and a motorcycle hugged the shoulder of westbound Interstate 10 near the Eliott exit In Tempe late Saturday afternoon.

A Tempe police spokesman said a group of motorcycles and the Jeep's driver got caught up in road rage and crashed and the arguing didn't stop there.

"I don't know if it was the passenger or the driver, but I just know somebody in the Jeep was shot," said Lt. Steve Anderson.

Anderson said the person was shot in the face, but in good condition Saturday night.

Detectives said most of the motorcycle group took off before officers got on scene.

"They weren't part of the crash but they definitely saw it," Anderson said. "Right now we're looking for them as witnesses."

The lieutenant said this shooting highlights the dangers of road rage.

"It's very dangerous especially if they're on the freeway at high speeds," he said. "If they make a sharp turn the cars can slide sideways, roll and take out innocent people."

A driver of a third car also crashed, trying to avoid the first wreck. The woman inside that car was OK.

A person was taken into custody for questioning.

The freeway was reopened before 7 p.m.