Racist video stirs controversy at high school

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PHOENIX -- Emotions are running high at one Valley high school where a racist rant posted on YouTube has resurfaced this year and is stirring concern.

It’s been linked to a Phoenix high school, but no one's able to pinpoint why.

The Scottsdale Unified School District assures that the two girls who are seen and heard going on the racist rant have never attended Arcadia High School. There is a third girl who dips her head into the screen once or twice and the district said they are still working to determine her identity.

But because Arcadia High School was mentioned somewhere on social media in relation to this video the school felt like it had to respond.

The video was initially posted a year ago in January 2011 but recently resurfaced. It is roughly six minutes long and the language is very graphic. The two teenage girls rant and rave over illegal immigrants, swear and make vulgar gestures.

It's the sort of thing that is generating a lot of buzz with bloggers and is rumored to somehow be linked to Arcadia High School.

"That's the part that is most upsetting, that Arcadia across the country is being ridiculed for something we have no part of," said junior Michelle Zimmermann. "The video was disgusting and the language does not represent any beliefs of Arcadia."

The school district said they became aware of the video Thursday morning and immediately notified parents of its existence and the and chatter it was generating online.

"We're all on edge because of ridiculous statements, jokes and comments on Facebook last night," Zimmermann said. "Somehow our name got tagged on it and we are taking blame for it, which is really upsetting."

So the school decided to take some precautions and have an increased police presence on campus. They even postponed a rally and a school dance

"This is a shining moment for Arcadia High School. I really do I think their response has been extraordinary," said Cindy Zimmermann, a concerned parent. "I think the worst thing we could do is nothing and have something happen."

Phoenix police said the video is not criminal but it is in poor taste and now that it's been re-posted, a year later, it has jumped from 100 to 75,000 comments.sp;

Therein lies the problem with technology, once you send it into cyberspace it's there forever," said Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson.

Cindy Zimmermann just hopes this video can be used for good and not evil.

"It's upsetting this video would ever be created to begin with, but I think it's important because it sparks a conversation about tolerance acceptance and not being a part of hatred."

The school district is happy to report there were no problems on campus Friday, but they are still investigating how and why it is this video was ever linked to them.