January 8 survivor tells her story of loss and recovery

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- As we get closer to the anniversary of the January 8 shooting, we are hearing from survivors.  One of those survivors, Pam Simon, tells her story.

"You appreciate each day, and the gift of life is truly a gift," said Simon.

Pam Simon is one of many whose outlook on life changed on January 8.  The Congressional Staffer was shot in the chest and was one of 13 wounded on that day.

She says the most difficult part of the past year has been moving forward without her friend and Co-director of Community Outreach.  Gabe Zimmerman died on January 8, "I miss him every day  He was a wealth of info and wise beyond his years."

She also misses Congresswoman Giffords, whom she worked closely with when Gabby was in Tucson.

It's been a conflicting year of grief and self-discovery.  Besides a few aches and creaks, Simon says she is almost 100% physically recovered.  In dealing with the emotional recovery, Simon has discovered journaling and yoga.

"It feels like the time has gone incredibly fast, suddenly we're here at the first anniversary," said Simon.  "And in other ways it was a grindingly slow year."

This weekend Simon will take part in many planned events. But the anniversary is a personal time for everyone connected to the tragedy.  And Simon will find those personal moments as well.

"I will certainly be doing that and I would guess most people would find a few moments which to just reflect on what has happened," said Simon.  "I plan on finding a few of those moments for myself."