Pima Find-a-Ride to consolidate information for Tucson-area transportation options

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Commuters in Tucson who need transportation may soon have a new option.

The Pima Find-a-Ride is expected to open doors for public, private and nonprofit providers of transportation.

Representatives from several providers of transportation around the Tucson area met Thursday to discuss the launch of the Pima Find-a-Ride website in the Spring.

"A website where the public will be able to learn about rides that are available to them in the community both those from private providers, public providers and actually from non-profit," said Jennifer O'Connor.

The website will look similar to this and give the public the opportunity to charter the best transportation service for their needs.

"I have been in transportation over 22 years and this is the first time we have done a comprehensive website where people can go see what's out there," said Aimee Ramsey.

Aimee Ramsey is a Transit Services Administrator for the town of Oro Valley.  She says her office gets calls all the time from commuters looking for the best transportation from their location.

Ramsey says the website could slow the phones down.

"It's a great idea," said Ramsey.  " I mean, in Oro Valley alone we have four different types of services.  People don't know where to go to get a look at what do I need and how do I get it.  This will provide that for them."

The goal of the program is to give people who use public transportation options and bus riders at the Ronstandt Station say options are a good thing,"

"It sounds pretty good," said Tucson resident Willie Pierc.  "As long as it be an adequate service, it would be useful for the customer, I am sure, yeah, it would benefit."

"You might miss the last bus and you're going to need a taxi and you need to have another way home, another safe way home," said Tucson resident Johnny Miranda.

The Pima Find-a-Ride site is expected to go live in June.