Centennial Hall event will pay tribute to Tucson shooting victims

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- January 8 is just a few days away.  It's a day that changed lives.  Lives forever touched or cut short, by a deeply disturbed gunman.

This weekend, Tucson will stop to remember its darkest time, but also a time which brought out the best this community has to offer.

"The last year has been very challenging for me my family and all the survivors and all who lost loved ones," said Ron Barber.

Ron Barber is one of the lucky ones, a survivor of Tucson's darkest day, but out of that darkness Barber says he saw a community come together outside a hospital, "After the shooting this community poured out love and goodwill and kindness to all of us and I'm never more grateful to that."

Barber says that outpouring of support helped him and his family push ahead, but the memories of that day still haunt him, "The recovery process has been slower than I expected physically, emotionally, and its still going on."

Over the last year barber's been able to go back to work and he's also dedicated time to making sure this upcoming anniversary is a tribute to those whose lives were pierced by a madman's bullets, "It's very important to me that each person who died we hear about who they were and what they represented what examples their lives are for all of us."

Reflections, an event this Sunday will memorialize those lives at Centennial Hall.  Special speakers will pay tribute to survivors and victims, including Tucson's angel, 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green.

Two of her closest friends, Jamie Stone and Serenity Hemridge, will remember their fallen friend.

"I miss the most, her laugh and how she danced and how I used to play with her all the time," said Serenity Hemridge.

Christina was the youngest victim on that Saturday morning.  Her friends couldn't believe what happened, "At first I felt speechless."

But this Sunday, they'll speak out and reflect on the life of their friend.

"I'm gonna talk about what she wanted to do and what she taught me and what she'd want all of us to do," Hemridge said.

Barber will emcee the memorial event this Sunday, honoring the victims of the Safeway shootings who died last January.   It starts at 3 P.M. at Centennial Hall on the U of A campus.