Prosecutor says Bundgaard should be expelled

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PHOENIX (AP) -- A lawyer helping prosecute the Arizona Senate's ethics case against Sen. Scott Bundgaard says the Peoria Republican should be expelled from the Legislature for a domestic violence incident.

The Senate Ethics Committee on Thursday began a hearing that could lead to a reprimand or expulsion of Bundgaard.

Independent Counsel Michael Liburdi said Bundgaard assaulted former girlfriend Aubry Ballard while were driving home the evening of Feb. 25 and then put her and police at risk by stopping in the median of a Phoenix freeway.

Bundgaard has denied assaulting Aubry Ballard, and Bundgaard attorney Andre Merrett  told the committee that his client regrets his role in the altercation. But he said Bundgaard never intended to harm Ballard or put her at risk.

Bundgaard pleaded no contest Aug. 16 to misdemeanor endangerment.