Phoenix charity worker charged with possession of child pornography

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PHOENIX -- In his public life he worked to help the homeless in Phoenix, but police say the man's secret landed him behind bars.

For the last seven years, John Landrum Jr.'s life's work was serving people across the Valley with the Phoenix Salvation Army. He led Project Hope, working to get the city's homeless off the street.

3TV's cameras often caught up with him on the hottest days, bringing water to those without any shelter. But Wednesday at his Phoenix home, it was the Arizona Internet Crimes Against Children squad that found him, allegedly with a large amount of child pornography.

"When I spoke to investigators they said that it was some of the most egregious child pornography they've seen in quite some time," said Sgt. Tommy Thompson with the Phoenix Police Department.

The collection allegedly was on several different devices.

"It's my understanding that there are many, many pictures so it's not fair to say that it's one child but many children," Thompson said.

Staff say he mainly worked with the adult homeless population and veterans. The Salvation Army has placed Landrum on leave, pending the investigation.

Landrum faces 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a child.