Phoenix man gets life in prison for 2010 murder

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Booz Moreno By Alicia Barron Booz Moreno By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX -- A Maricopa County Superior Court judge sentenced a Phoenix man to life in prison for a 2010 murder.

Booz Moreno is one of three men suspected of slitting a South Phoenix man's throat before setting his house on fire.

Police reports said they used a shotgun and a steel pipe to beat the victim over the head before slitting his throat and trying to burn the evidence with fire and gasoline.

Investigators said the men believed the victim was having an affair with one of their mothers.

Judge Paul McMurdie sentenced Moreno to life in prison with the possibility of release after 25 years for first-degree murder and 7.5 years for aggravated assault. Moreno pleaded guilty to both charges.