New Year's resolution: Be a better person

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PHOENIX -- Forget losing weight and making more money. Relationship expert Mike Lindstrom says you should resolve to be a better person and focus on your relationships in 2012.

Be it a spouse, a sibling or even a friend, it is important to have written, stated goals for those loved ones around you. 

Here are some tried-and true-tips on improving your relationships.

1. Write down at least 5 people you are committed to reaching out to this month,

2. Put in your calendar standing commitments: date night with spouse, play dates with the kids, etc.

3. Each Sunday night, take 10 minutes to create a weekly action plan and incorporate those people you are committed to keeping in touch with,

4. Hand write a card or letter to at least one person per month over the year (text or FaceBook doesn't count).

5. Take the lead with a handful of friends and plan a weekend getaway in 2012.  Having it on the calendar will get others excited. Focus on friends you have maybe lost touch with to help reunite several of them.

6. Share with your spouse or a friend that you are committed to making your relationships stronger. Telling someone else helps you be more accountable.

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