April, how is it possible that Prescott is cooler than Flagstaff?

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PHOENIX -- Prescott, Arizona was a cool 29 degrees and Flagstaff was a little warmer at 39 degrees this morning, Wednesday, January 4th as 3TV's April Warnecke reported around 7am. After that weather report Good Morning Arizona Facebook friend Patty Burrus-Kurtz Dickison asked this question... "On April's forecast just a few minutes ago, the map for temps right now said" Prescott was 29 degrees and Flagstaff was 39 degrees. How is that possible when Flagstaff is higher in elevation? Just curious?"

Well Patty Burrus-Kurtz Dickison we're glad you asked that question... according to April… the answer is wind. It was a breezy morning in Flagstaff this morning with 16 mph sustained winds. The winds started picking up in Flagstaff in the overnight hours but not so much in Prescott. Once the winds pick up and start mixing with the atmosphere temperatures never cool down overnight on a windy night. Same goes for a cloudy night; a cloudy night also keeps the temperatures warmer. So, there you have it... Flagstaff got the wind while Prescott stayed calm and that is why Prescott has the cooler temperatures today and Flagstaff is looking to warm up to 50 degrees.

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