4 Things you should have in you gym bag

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PHOENIX -- When it comes to New Year's resolutions, hitting the gym to shed those extra pounds just might top the list.

As certified nutritionist and physical conditioning specialist Joe Sale explained, it's easier to stick to that resolution if you're properly prepared. With that in mind, he showed Scott Pasmore the four things you should always have in your gym bag.

1. Water

"When you're thirsty, it's a late indicator of your need for hydration," Sale explained.

One thing to beware of is artificial sweeteners. If you're going to have flavored water, keep it simple.

2. Multivitamin

"Even if you're eating a really clean diet, most likely you're missing some antioxidants, some vitamins, some minerals," Sale said. A good multivitamin can fill those gaps.

3. Meal-replacement bars for blood-sugar balance

"Meal-replacement bars are huge," Sale said, explaining that a blood-sugar crash could be a serious issue.

You want to make sure that the bar you choose is not high on the glycemic index because you don't want to spike your blood sugar only to have it drop again. The goal is to keep your blood sugar even throughout the day.

4. ID

Not only should you have ID in your bag, you should have it on your person in case of emergency.

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