Dad posts signs to shame thief who stole daughter's bike

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix dad and daughter share a very close bond.

“We got to spend the whole day finding that bike for you, and you're so beautiful riding it, too,” said Paul Jenkins to his daughter, Lily Jenkins.

But Thursday night, someone helped themselves to what was in the Jenkins' backyard.

“They didn't take my wife's bike, but they damn sure took my daughter's,” Jenkins said.

The theft comes at the worst possible time.

Dad is unemployed and the family faces eviction.

“We brought the kids into our conversation and said,'Hey, you know we're going to do what we can do and get through this. We love each other and let's go to sleep and tomorrow's another day,'” Jenkins said.

The morning brought more heartache and anger

“I want the thief to know," he said. "That's why I put some signs out to say hey this is who you've touched.  You've touched a whole family over a bicycle."

Through signs posted throughout the neighborhood, Jenkins fights back.

“I'm not asking for my daughter's bike back," Jenkins said. "I just want to know why he needs it more than she needs it.”

Dad’s little girl is now forced to feel grown up. 

“It makes me feel sad that he has to go through this,” Lily said.

During our interview an anonymous donor dropped off a gift card for Lily so she could get a new bike.

"That's pretty nice," she said. "I'm glad somebody cares."