Sen. John McCain: 'Very little' is going on in Congress

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PHOENIX -- Our country is facing some serious issues going into 2012. Because it's an election year, many of those issues could come to a head.

Sen. John McCain sat down with 3TV's Javier Soto Friday morning to discuss some of the topics on the minds of many people, including the economy, the payroll tax debates, the fact that Congress is seeing record low approval ratings, the U.S. pulling its troops out of Iraq, immigration, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and, of course, the upcoming presidential election.

McCain, who won the GOP presidential nomination in 2008, said he is not ready to endorse any of the current candidates. He added that he believes any one of them can beat President Barack Obama in November.

The first question Soto posed to McCain was one that people all over the country are asking: "What's going on in Congress."

"Very little," McCain answered simply. "That's the problem. We're in gridlock, as you know. We continue to go from one precipice to another, once crisis to another. It's a failure of the system to work. It's a failure of people to sit down and try to get things done."

That gridlock and "failure of the system to work" is clearly frustrating the public. According to an October New York Times poll, Congress' approval rating dropped to an all-time low of just 9 percent.

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