McCain "outraged" over MCSO's alleged mishandling of sex crimes

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PHOENIX, ARIZ.--Senator John McCain says someone needs to take responsibility for the Maricopa County Sheriff Office's alleged mishandling of hundreds of sex crimes cases.

McCain would not say whether he thinks Arpaio should step aside, but said accountability is needed.

"I'm not prepared to say that Sheriff Arpaio should resign, but what I am prepared to say is that I am astonished that there hasn't been more outcry about the failure of these investigations," McCain said.

McCain made the comments in as calls for Arpaio's resignation have intensified.

In addition to controversy about the handling of the cases, Arpaio is also under fire because of a Department of Justice report that found racial profiling is rampant within MCSO.

McCain declined to say whether or not he agreed with the Justice Department's report.

"I think the Sheriff is entitled to respond to these allegations. As any citizen, he has the right of innocence until proven guilty," McCain said.

Arpaio is adamant he will not resign and said Thursday that the Justice Department's report was a "twenty-three page press release."

Arpaio has until January 4th to provide a response to the DOJ.

In an interview with 3TV McCain also discussed his outlook for the upcoming year saying his focus would be on tackling issues within the Senate Armed Services Committee, of which he is the ranking member.

He is also pressing Congress to hold a hearing on the drug Human Growth Hormone (hGH) testing in the NFL.

Players agreed to undergo testing in a collective bargaining agreement ratified earlier this year but so far the NFL Players Association has not implemented the policy.

As for a new year's resolution, McCain says it's to attend more Coyotes hockey games, and find an owner for the Glendale team.