Unemployed man takes desperate measures to find work

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Each car rushing by 27th Avenue and Indian School Road in Phoenix is hope for Bobby Ruis.

“My wife didn't think I would do this, but I said, 'We're desperate,'" Ruis explained.

He turned to the streets Thursday with a pink poster-board sign that says he won't take food or money; the man just wants a job and he's getting creative in his effort to find one.

“We've applied to everybody," Ruis said. "But it's always been the story. 'We don't need anybody right now, maybe in January or February.'"

In November, Ruis found work in Arizona and moved here from Florida with his wife. The gig soon fell flat. “If I'm given a chance, there's a lot of different things I can do,” he said.

And then the unemployed man’s tide turns.

A stranger named Josh Espinoza pulled up, bringing hope.

Espinoza told Ruis about a possible job lead. This bit of information could be the lucky break for which Ruis was hoping.

His wife is sick and their rent is due Friday.

Espinoza took Ruis over to the possible job. A manager told them the company isn’t hiring.

So, Ruis is back on the street, wearing a pair of boots made for working.

“I wish somebody that needed a good property-management team would give us a chance,” he said.

On Ruis' poster-board sign is an important piece of information -- his telephone number, 850-728-5158.

Eventually Scott Roofing offered Ruis a job pulling shingles from a roof, but he is still looking for a property-management position for both him and his wife.