Fake doctor facing federal charges has Scottsdale connection

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PHOENIX -- A federal case involving a fake doctor has roots right here in Arizona.

Francisco Morales is accused of baiting people facing terminal illnesses, all for profit. But federal agents caught on, and now a doctor from Scottsdale is facing penalties for mail fraud and introduction of an unapproved new drug.

Morales gives a doctor’s orders and even touts himself as an physician who is on the cutting-edge. According to the FBI, the one thing Morales doesn’t do is tell patients that he’s not actually a doctor.

Now under arrest in Texas, he’s facing federal charges connected to a laboratory in Scottsdale. The indictment shows that the laboratory sent Morales stem cells, which he allegedly used for procedures not approved by the FDA. He’s accused of treating people with cancer and multiple sclerosis.

The Scottsdale lab Morales worked with is called Global Laboratories and it was owned by Dr. Fredda Branyon. 3TV went to Branyon's last known address, but she seems to have moved on since facing her own indictment earlier this year.

She made a deal with federal prosecutors, pleading guilty to selling more than 183 vials of stem cells to Morales for more than $300,000. There’s no word yet about how many patients may have been affected.

Branyon will be sentenced in February. She faces up to three years in federal prison, and a $10,000 fine.