Dispose of old Christmas tree with Tucson Treecycle program

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Now that Christmas is over, that big tree taking up space in the living room could actually become a fire hazard.

Its a scene that no family ever wants to see a burning Christmas tree.

This is only a demonstration, but the fact is a dry Christmas tree can be very dangerous.

"A dry tree can burn a home in a matter of seconds so it doesn't take very long for the tree to go up in flames," said Capt. Trish Tracy from Tucson Fire.

Captain Trish Tracy from Tucson Fire says the worst thing you can do is put a dry tree in a fireplace or burn it in the backyard.

"We want to remind everybody of the importance of not putting it in your fireplace and not trying to burn it on your own because its not designed to be burned in a fireplace its just not safe," said Capt. Tracy.

The safe bet is to take it to one of nine locations of the tree recycling program sponsored by the City of Tucson.

The Treecycle program can be pretty easy first you pull up your car get out, then you take your tree off your roof, after you get off your car you bring over to this pile and then you throw it in.

"You can't leave them out by your garbage can.  You can't leave them out by the curb.  This provides an opportunity for residents in the Tucson area to drop off their Christmas Trees," said Cristina Polsgrove from the City of Tucson Environmental Services.

Not only will the city shred the tree for you, you can get something in return.

"We take the trees that we collect, we're actually going to be grinding them.  We're going to have roll off with those grindings so people can come pick them up if they want to use them in their garden," said Polsgrove.

The Pezzulo family needed to make room for company so they brought their tree to the Udall Park Treecycle site, "Because it's all dried out and we want to recycle right.  [The Treecycle program] is awesome, it's awesome."

The Treecycle program runs until January 8.

View the list of Treecycling locations