Tucson's pothole problem

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Many Arizonans are hitting the highways to celebrate the holidays. 

Those who do may deal with bad traffic, but drivers staying around Tucson will run into pothole after pothole.

From Grant to Speedway and other major and back streets in the city. Potholes are popping up again.

"We're going through tires, tearing up the rubber.  The tires cost about $600 a piece and we hit potholes all day," said Tucson driver Aaron Nicholas. 

"It's wear and tear on my truck.  I have a fleet of trucks and its wear and tear on my trucks," said Tucson driver Tom Bombard.

Both Nicholas and Bombard Drive through the streets of Tucson for their businesses.  They say, the potholes are adding extra cost to their budgets.

"Which is money I can't spend on hiring other people or investing in my business," said Bombard.

The two men want the potholes fixed, but its easier said than done.  Cuts to the city's budget is making it harder on the Transportation Department.

"With respect to our operation and maintenance funding over the years its precluded us from doing preventive maintenance and going out there and really sealing up the streets so water can't penetrate in to the asphalt," said Tucson Director of Transportation Jim Glock.

Jim Glock, the Director of Transportation for the city says they have a backlog of more than three hundred calls about potholes. The plan is to get the repairs done as fast as they can.

"If they're on the major streets, if they're big and deep we'll get to those as quick as we can.  We're challenged right now.  We're having to use a different material known as a cold mix and it doesn't hold up as well," Glock said.

Glock says the number of potholes this year is similar to the amount the past two years.

If you know of any potholes that need to be repaired the city wants to hear from you.

Report potholes to the city