Tucson malls fill with after Christmas shoppers

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- This year the day after Christmas was dubbed "Mega Monday."  Malls filled with shoppers exchanging gifts and scooping up after Christmas deals.

The parking lot at the Foothills Mall was pretty packed Monday.  The foot traffic inside the building moving steadily around the stores.

"Yeah we came earlier for a movie and we thought there was going to be more people than there was but when we got out there was a ton of people at the mall," said shopper Bridgette Jones.

Bridgette Jones was just one of the many shoppers at the mall.  She says the lines were long but the sales were good.

"They're better today because they want to get rid of everything.  You can get the better sales and you can use it for next year and everything too," Jones said.

Styles for Less, a women's clothing store in the mall, wasn't seeing the foot traffic they expected Monday.

"Actually its been really slow.  We thought we would get a little bit more of a rush with everybody with their gift cards or extra money that they're having but we haven't had that much of turnout today," said Style for Less store manager Belinda Pacheco.

Belinda Pacheco says last year was a really good year for the store.  So far, this holiday season the store is breaking even.

"It looks like a lot of people were going toward the electronical stuff.  They were going on-line doing the Walmart, the Best Buy so it looked like a lot of our business went that way," Pacheco said.

With just a few days left until New Year's Eve, they're hoping some shoppers are waiting a while before they spend their money.

"I know, myself, I got gift cards and money for Christmas and I'm waiting definitely waiting a couple days before I go out," Pacheco said.

A week and a half ago the National Retail Federation announced holiday sales were likely going to be higher than originally expected.

It credits last minute shoppers and those looking for deals this week.