Lines out the door for Community Food Bank holiday meals

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The lines at the Community Food Bank were out the door Tuesday morning as word got out, the Food Bank was handing out its annual holiday meals.

The carts were lined up and so were the people at the Community Food Bank.

"I arrived at about 8 O'clock this morning and we had about 100 people in line by the time we opened at 9 there's probably between 300 to 400 people in line," said Bill Carnegie from the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank.

Arthur Hugues came to the Food Bank later in the morning.  It's his first time and he said it took him about 15 minutes to get through the line.

But he believes it's a sign of the times.

"Probably all the struggling that's been going on with trying to find a job and the market the way it is there are a lot of people who just needed help," said Hughes.

Hugues knows about the struggle to find work.  He just found a part-time job last week.

"We've been having a little trouble finding work and staying on our feet.  Just need a little extra help," Hughes said.

For families in need they say getting boxes like these and turkeys in these carts is an early Christmas present.

"We have a turkey and everything that we needed for a good Christmas dinner.  With the way everything is we just really need a little extra help the dinner is perfect for us," said Hughes.

Hughes says, he plans to recommend the Community Food Bank to some friends who are struggling.

"They may want to hurry because the Food Bank says the meals are going fast," Hughes said.

The Food Bank says many of the turkeys being handed out were donated last week as part of their "20,000 Turkeys for Tucson" charity drive.