Phoenix grocery store hosts real life 'Supermarket Sweep'

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix supermarket hosted a special 60-second shopping spree Tuesday, allowing two lucky shoppers and a local charity to stock up on thousands of dollars of free groceries.

Food City on 21st Street and McDowell Road held the event, which was also sponsored by Smirnoff.

Two lucky shoppers were chosen from more than 800 who entered a text-message contest to get as many free groceries as they could stockpile into a cart in a minute's time.

The store also invited St. Mary's Food Bank to participate.

The shoppers checked out with about $300 worth of groceries each, plus got additional store gift certificates.

Members of the Valley Hispanic Bomberos, a group of firefighters, shopped on behalf of St. Mary's, loading nearly $600 worth of non-perishable food into carts in 60 seconds.

The food bank also received a $1,000 donation from Food City and Smirnoff.

"The green beans and the corn and the tuna and the peanut butter and the soup, all the things the Bomberos were able to get for us those will go right into emergency food boxes," said Jerry Brown, spokesperson for St. Mary's.

"This is a very good day for the food bank and a very good day for the hungry of Arizona," Brown said.