Problem paychecks causing big pains for Valley woman

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr


PHOENIX -- A Valley woman says her paychecks keep bouncing and they definitely shouldn't be, and it's happened a couple of times now. The company that issues those bad checks says it's not their fault. So, whose fault is it?

Stacy Robertson says being a family counselor was always something she wanted to do.

"I've always had a passion for helping others and it's kind of my talent or gift. My niche is working with at-risk youth," she said.

So, Robertson was hired by a company called Creative Innovations, which provides services to at-risk kids and their families.

In fact, the state of Arizona actually contracts work out to Creative Innovations to help those kids.

But, Robertson says when it comes to getting paid by Creative Innovations, it's been difficult because a few of her paychecks have bounced but were eventually paid.

And then on a recent pay period, she said, "Actually, I was asked by their COO to go to a check-cashing company to cash that check."

Robertson says she needed the money, so she went to a place called ChecksMart and cashed her check for almost $1,500.

She was relieved to get the money until she got a disturbing call from ChecksMart.

"They're threatening to take it to the police to charge me with presenting a fraudulent check," she said.

Apparently, Robertson says her check from Creative Innovations bounced again and because she cashed and endorsed it, she's being held responsible.

"I still am scared, I mean I was in tears, I was a mess," she said. "The last thing I want is to be arrested for work that I did that my company isn't paying for."

Creative Innovations tells 3 On Your Side they had a payroll problem because the state of Arizona was paying them late and as a result, it caused their accounts to go into the red.

As for that bounced check to ChecksMart it's been rectified and Creative Innovations says they hope they no longer have problems getting paid by the state.

Robertson says she's glad the mess has been cleared up.

"Having that behind me and over with will be a huge relief to our family," she said.

Robertson says she’s grateful she and Checksmart got paid but is no longer doing contract work with Creative Innovations.