Grandma finally gets $250 gift card from Wells Fargo

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Diane Hunt-Wagner is a grandmother whose favorite time of the year is Christmas. That's because she gets to spoil her grandkids.

"Well, they're each very different and have different personalities," she said.

But with different personalities, finding the right Christmas gift for all three is somewhat challenging. So, Diane turned the Internet and came across the perfect gift.

"So, we came up with the idea of getting them a gift card," she said.

A $250 Visa gift card from Wells Fargo. It was money that all three grandkids could share and use anywhere they wanted.

But after ordering the $250 gift card, it never arrived.

Diane checked her mailbox every day for that gift card, but it was never there. And everytime she called Wells Fargo to inquire, they told her to keep waiting and to just keep checking her mailbox.

The frustrated grandmother says, "Not one card, they had my money and I had nothing."

This went on for nearly a month. Diane thought the bank should probably cancel the lost
card. However, Wells Fargo told her if she wanted to cancel it, they would charge her the cancellation fee.

Disgusted, Diane contacted me for help in getting her $250 back.

"It doesn't matter if it's a gift card, cash or a check, but I need it right away," she said.

I cotacted Wells Fargo and when I did, they immediately reissued a new $250 Visa gift card and a bank employee hand-delivered it to Diane.

Diane says, "Before you got involed I talked to six differnet people on five different occassions and I got nowhere and that is why I contacted 3 On Your Side.  And look, it's immediatly resolved."


By the way, Diane says she's been a loyal customer of Wells Fargo for 42 years and is a little surprised

It took so much energy to get things resolved.