'Biggest Loser' winner John Rhode talks motivation and sacrifice

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PHOENIX -- He lost 220 pounds to become this season's winner of "The Biggest Loser,” but for Mesa special education teacher John Rhode, he did it with one person in mind, his wife of 19 years Jill.
“I have an amazing wife ,” John told the audience during the live finale of the show. “I made the most of every moment at the ranch because I knew that she was at home struggling as a single parent.”
The couple has two young adopted sons, one with autism. During John's seven months on the ranch, Jill had to cut her hours working as a speech pathologist and relied on friends and family to help juggle the demands of running the household alone.
“It’s a struggle,” she said. “Who's going to be able to be there for the kids, who's going to be able to do this and do that.”
But Jill tells says it was all worth it to see how far John was able to go.
"When you watch him and you see him put 100 percent, it's really hard to go, 'eh, I’m not going to help you,  I'm not going to do that.'”
Now that the show is over, the focus is now on Jill. Friends called us at 3TV asking for our help to arrange a day of pampering. We called on the folks at cosmos spa and salon in east Mesa to help out.  Even though the day was supposed to be about her... Jill.. could help telling us about the man who captured her heart two decades ago.
“He is just a very determined guy, if he wants something, he gets it,” she said. “We feel like we're a team. We feel like we are two parts of piece so we have the same goals, we have the same interests, we just have different parts.”
John echoed those sentiments when the couple stopped by Good Morning Arizona.
“They say the better half, she’s it,” he said. “Really I couldn’t have done this without her or without the kids.”
John says he’s now training to run the LA Marathon in March.  He’s also working on writing a book and has several speaking engagements lined up in the next few months