Tess & Ryan's Christmas light face-off

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The twinkle of Christmas lights is hard to miss this time of year and most valley neighborhoods have their own resident Griswold family.   Other neighborhoods have yearly contests for “Best Decorated” home.  Either way, it’s easy to tell valley residents spend hours, some even days, putting their decorations up to show off each holiday season.  That includes our own Good Morning Arizona Weekend anchors Tess Rafols and Ryan O’Donnell. 

At the beginning of December, the two challenged each other to a “Christmas Light Face-Off”, pitting Ryan’s hard work against Tess’ husband’s talents, under her supervision, of course.  But the challenge has not been without its pitfalls.  With bragging rights at stake, both Ryan and Tess had their lights up by the designated face-off date, but an unexpected rainfall shorted out Tess’ lights, so Ryan willingly agreed to postpone the event two weeks to give everything time to dry out.  Unfortunately, in that time, vandals targeted Tess’ lights, breaking some and slashing several blow-up displays.  However, being the good sport she is, she picked up the pieces and moved on. 

Now, the time has come and the question goes to our Good Morning Arizona viewer, who has the best Christmas light display?  Tess or Ryan?