Refunds for Phoenix Suns season ticket holders

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

MESA - Doug Akins has been a Suns season ticket holder since 1997.

“Everybody would wave their towels,” he said, describing a typical game.

Year after year, he upgraded his seat, moving closer to courtside. This season, he was supposed to sit just nine rows back.

“I've seen some good basketball in those lower-level seats,” he said.

Fans who wanted 2012 season tickets had to put down a deposit before the end of last season. For Akins, the deposit was $3,200.

But with the season in limbo because of the lockout, and with Akins recently being laid off, having that money back, he says, sure would come in handy.

“Job market's tough and holidays are coming and $3,200 could really help right now,” he said.

Before the NBA lockout began in July, the Suns offered season ticket holders like Akins a couple different refund options.

The option Akins took was being refunded for any Suns games that was missed during the lockout.

Akins says he chose this option so he could at least start getting some of money back. Otherwise, he says he was told he'd have to wait until next summer to get a refund.

“They only cut refund checks once a year and that's in July,” he said. “I said, ‘Really? Once a year? You can't cut a check in 30 days or something?’”

But now that the lockout is over and the season is scheduled to start later this month, he says his refund is back up in the air.

“It's been frustrating,” he said.

3 On Your Side contacted the Phoenix Suns which said, in part, "Season ticket holders have been overwhelmingly supportive of the options we offered them."

But they also told us they make exceptions for fans with hardships, like Akins.

Akins says he was never told that and after requesting a full refund, he received all his money back in a matter of days.

“I'm very happy,” he said. “I got results. On my own, I was basically going to have to wait until July.”

With the season starting later this month, Akins says he'll be happy to watch the Phoenix Suns from the front row of his living room.

Regardless of which refund option fans chose, the Suns tell us all fans will be reimbursed the ticket price of every missed game.