Pet of the Day - Shasta

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#710485 – 5 Years Old – Umbrella Cockatoo – Male

Busybody seeking homebody! Shasta (a.k.a. Mr. Popularity) is an outgoing feathered friend who always welcomes visitors with a hearty “Hello!” A total cockatoo, Shasta is highly social, intelligent and entertaining. His favorite thing to do is to mischievously toss toys off his cage and chuckle as you pick them up, then innocently turn on the charm by offering plenty of kisses and nuzzles. When his person passed away, relatives wanted Shasta to have a good home. Although much of his past remains a mystery, it’s obvious that Shasta was very much loved and well-cared for. Cockatoos can be incredible companions, but they aren’t for everyone. With a lifespan of 80+ years, cockatoos are a serious lifelong commitment. And, boy, can they scream! Don’t get the wrong impression, though. With the right fit, Shasta will make a fantastic pal. He will do best with bird-experienced people who can spend a lot of time with him and offer consistency, good food and patience to thrive. Like all birds, Shasta will need ample time out of the cage everyday to exercise and play. If you could give Shasta the one-on-one attention he craves, please ask to meet him soon at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.