Tucson shed fire displaces family of five

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Tuesday morning a family of five lost the roof over their head because of a fire.  But the family was not staying at a house, trailer, or apartment.

Tucson fire was called to a house fire after 7:00 A.M. near Grant and Stone.  Fire crews arrived at the scene and found a shed on fire.

"The significant thing about this fire was that there was a homeless couple that was living inside of this shed behind a house," said Capt. Jeff Langejans from the Tucson Fire Department.

An eight by ten shed that two adults and three children called home. The two adults were in the shed when the fire started.

"They were sleeping and woke to a lot of heat and smoke and were able to get out without any injuries," said Capt. Langejans.

The three children were not in the shed at the time. The family lost everything; from the shoes on their feet to the shed they considered their house.

"To lose things you have in a fire let alone to lose everything you own and during the holiday season is very, very tragic," said Jennifer Tersigni from the American Red Cross of Southern Arizona.

The Red Cross has stepped up to help this family in a time of need.

"We are working with them to make sure that they have a warm place to sleep that there able to try and move into longer term housing and that they have food clothing shelter and other basic needs," Tersigni said.

The family needed to find shelter from the cold and rain. Tucson fire says it's not unusual to find homeless families in abandoned houses and even living in sheds.

"People are going to become resourceful.  It's been cold they start looking at how they can get into them it a place to be out of a shelter basically they're squatters," Langejans said.

Interestingly, both the home and the shed were supposed to be demolished Monday.

The Red Cross is encouraging the community to donate new toys, books and other items for children to help the family that lost everything in the shed fire and other families in need.