Veteran's leave Tucson on 100 Mile Hump to raise money for Wounded Warriors

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- They set out in the cold and rain to make life better for injured soldiers.  Two combat veterans kicked off the third annual 100 Mile Hump Monday for the Wounded Warriors project.

"I came back with all my fingers and toes.  I came back with everything and there are those who haven’t," said Trey Terry.

Iraq war veterans Trey Terry and Nick Bajema are counting their blessings and counting the miles.

"You know it's going to suck so you go with that mindset and you embrace the suck and deal with the elements," said Nick Bajema.

Trey, Nick and a couple volunteers left the U of A, where they currently study, and embarked on the 100 Mile Hump, which will take them all the way to ASU.

They're trying to raise $10,000 for the Wounded Warrior project which helps veterans injured in the line of duty.

"They helped me out with an illness when I got evac'd out of Iraq, so I know firsthand of the benefits of the program," Terry said.

By the time the group took a lunch break in Oro Valley they were already half way to their fundraising goal.

"We actually had a woman pull over and write us a $150 check, which was really cool," Terry said.  "It's been great that a majority of the American people still support their troops no matter what."

Both combat veterans have completed their terms in the Army.  Even though that chapter of their lives is over their service continues.

"It's going to be a lifetime of giving back.  I mean, it meant so much to me in my life, ultimate highs, ultimate lows, but I will always be contributing back to the veteran community," Bajema said.

The past two 100 Mile Humps raised more than $17,000.

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