Protesters in Tucson petition for removal from deportation list

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Obama Administration has changed how deportation cases are prioritized.

And that has some protesters asking that their loved ones be taken off the list.

Monday afternoon at least a hundred people walked in the rain and mud to petition for closure of more than 60 immigration cases.

A gloomy and rainy day in Tucson didn't stop families in danger of being divided from their march.  A walk that started at the Santa Monica parish and ended at the ICE office.

"A couple of months ago the President announced the Department of Homeland Security was going to close proceedings on people that shouldn't be in removal and these are all families that shouldn't be in removal," said immigration lawyer Margo Cowan.

In June the Obama administration announced new guidelines, taking ICE enforcement away from low priority cases.

"According to those guidelines we qualify to get our deportations canceled so we can continue living in the United States and that's what we did, we gave our papers so they can decide if we stay here or not," said Luis Valencia.

Monday afternoon, the group delivered about three boxes full of documents to the ICE office, petitioning for the more than 60 individuals, to have their order of removal case closed.

Luis Valencia has been up for removal since 2009.  He thinks the rally will help his case, "I think its going to go quicker.  They can have quicker results and see that we are good people; that we want to be good to this country."

There's fear by many members of the group. If the cases aren't closed soon, families could be split up.

"Everybody here has a way to regularize their status and they shouldn't be in removal proceedings," said Cowan.

The group says they walked over three miles in hopes that the Department of Homeland Security will honor President Obama's word and close the cases.

The petitioners say, they expect to hear back from Homeland Security in the next couple of weeks on the cases.