Rotary Club raises money at 4th Ave. Street Fair

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Fourth Avenue was bustling with activity Friday.

The Winter Street Fair kicked off with more than 400 arts and crafts booths, dozens of food vendors and live music.

One vendor in particular was catching a lot of peoples' attention.

Beer is never the main attraction at the Fourth Avenue Street Fair.   But Friday one beer tent was generating quite the buzz.

"We just do our part in keeping people with liquid refreshment like beer and wine and lemonades and water," said John Smith from the Pantano Rotary Club.

It's not all about hyrdation though.

"Beer for charity, come get drunk for other people," said Smith.

Every year the Pantano Rotary Club works a beer tent at both the winter and Spring Street Fairs.

"We make most of the money we give to charity through our booths at these two occasions," Smith said.

One weekend brings in $5,000-$6,000 for the Rotary Club's nearly 20 charities.

It's one of many local organizations selling food or drinks to raise money for the community.

Which is why the shameless promotion is so important.

"I went to another booth and they said they're too old to yell.  These people, they're exciting," said customer Brendan Washington.

An excitment that doesn't come from downing a few beers.  But from helping others year after year at this Fourth Avenue tradition.