New Mexico man stranded in Arizona mountains recuperating

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- An elderly New Mexico man is recovering after taking a wrong turn and getting stranded with his wife for nearly a week.

Dana Davis is recuperating in a hospital in Globe.  He is in very good condition.  Still trying to deal with the sad reality Betty, his 82-year-old beloved wife did not make it

Dana Davis said he took a wrong turn and made a fateful decision to take a dirt road shortcut.  Then the car broke down.

"This was Thursday afternoon.  We left Jim's house Thursday morning.  Then we figured we're off in no-man's land here.  Nobody knew we were missing," said Davis.

For days they huddled in the car.

"We had two sandwiches, four cookies, two chocolate bars, three cans of juice and we knew it would be a while before anybody found us or whatever, so we rationing ourselves right away," said Davis.

But nobody found them. Finally they got out of the car.

"She got down on her hands and then went down on her stomach right there and I heard her breathe a little bit, then there were two or three gasps and dead silence," said Davis.

Betty was dead.  Dana walked on, 10 miles, looking for help. Finally a San Carlos Indian ranger found him. He is grateful. Dana says he has not yet come to terms with the death of his wife.

That was Steve Krafft reporting.

Davis says he and his wife visited 112 countries and were planning to visit Nepal next spring.