A Christmas celebration from some local military families

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Their jobs take them to distant and dangerous places, making the holidays even more difficult.

Local military members took time out Sunday to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones.

"She impressed us by actually sitting on Santa's lap," said Amber Steiner.

Amber Steiner is a military mom, she keeps the household running while her husband Lucas is traveling with the Air Force.

"Communication, as much as you can, is key you know trying to keep dad in the loop," said Steiner.

Sunday, Tucson troop support held a holiday party for families like the Steiners.

"They can meet new families that are going through the same thing and then as the holidays get closer they share information and they can get together," said Clarissa Geborkoff with Tucson Troop support

"Anything to take their mind off the distance even for a couple of hours helps," said Lucas Steiner.

Lucas Steiner says being far from home can be tough, but Sunday it was all about sharing the joy and excitement of Christmas with his little ones, "It's always fun to see their way of picking out presents for their siblings and their enjoyment."

"My brother wants the Nerf gun that I chose for him and my baby sister likes to chew on stuff," said 6-year-old Ian Steiner.

Ian was treated to toys, goodies and a moment with his favorite superhero.  Jackson, 10, enjoyed some father-son time.

"Well he doesn't have work, he's on leave and I don't have to worry about anything really," said Amber.

The commitment of a military member can be a difficult thing for a kid to understand.

Especially around the holidays, but Jackson says he's proud of his dad, "I know that he's serving his country and I'm just happy."