3OYS has tips to find the perfect Christmas tree

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Finding, buying and putting up a Christmas tree is an annual tradition for a lot of families. However, before you snag the first green tree off the lot, make sure to do the following tips, according to www.andreaworoch.com.

First, ask where it came from. Many trees are trucked in before Thanksgiving, meaning they'll be dropping needles all over your floor. So make sure you know when and where they got their trees.

Next, check for freshness. Trees should be green with a slight fragrance and the needles should also be moist and flexible. 

Thirdly, give it the bounce test. If you bounce it lightly on the ground and a slew of needles fall off, move on to the next tree.

Also, be sure to check the weight. Not literally, but a heavy tree proportionate to its size means more water and therefore it is more fresh.

Finally, treat it tenderly. Try putting the tree in water and stand it outside in a shaded cool place for just a day or two. Then cut an inch or so off the bottom like you would do for roses.

After bringing it inside, decorate and enjoy your tree.