Old holiday scam alive in Phoenix

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Holly Wood is a home health nurse which requires her to travel all over the Valley.

“I make several stops all over the Valley to get drinks and pick up gas at different convenience stores,” Wood said.

However, on a few occasions, Wood said her brief stops have become annoying.

“I have been pulling over to the gas station to fill my tank and it's usually when I'm least expecting it someone will approach me,” she said.

Whether it's outside gas stations or convenience stores, people like Wood are being approached and asked if they want a great deal on car speakers. Wood said the sales pitch is usually the same.

“They will stick their head out the window, usually two guys, and ask me if I'm interested in buying stereo speakers or a home stereo system because they have extras,” Wood told 3 On Your Side. “Top of the line $3,000 speakers but need to get rid of them today so they're going to sell them for $300.”

The scam happens in Phoenix and all over the world. Scammers who have successfully ripped off people even post their video on YouTube. In one video, a con man sits in his car and videotapes his partner with his cellphone as he waits for the victim to get cash from an ATM.

"My boy's slamming that guy for 500 bucks," the con man says while the video is rolling.

Then when the money is in hand, the two scammers celebrate inside the car. As one thumbs through a large stack of cash, the other says, "All you that can't sell, come ride around with me, watch how the big dog does it."

Wood hasn't fallen for the scam because she knows the speaker box contains nothing but rocks or inferior speakers worth only $15. She hopes Valley residents looking for a deal won't get taken advantage of.
“When they catch you off guard you kind of stop for a second and think, OK, what is this? It might be a good deal, but in the back of your head you know it's not,” Wood said.

The best advice is if you are approached in the parking lot and offered speakers or any other item for “dirt cheap” simply walk away and report the incident to law enforcement. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a box of rocks.