Dec. 7 anniversary marked at VA hospital in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Wednesday marked the 70th anniversary of the deadly attacks on Pearl Harbor.

Residents of Tucson are remembered what former President Franklin D. Roosevelt called a day that will live in infamy.

"The planes have already taken off now at 7:40 they're now on there way," said sculptor James Muir.

James Muir is the sculptor who created the veterans memorial at the U of A Student Union.

As part of the remembrance ceremony of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  He read the chronological order of events that day 70 years ago.

"That kind of brings it home everything went so fast for the people here I wanted them to realize that," said Pearl Harbor survivor Maurice Stock.

Maurice Stork realized how fast things went because he was there.  Stork was a corporal in the Army when the attack on the island occurred.

"What happened that day well, boom, boom, boom, you rush to the balcony and see what the heck is going on, look up and see the Jap plane," Stork said.

Of the 198 soldiers in his company, Stork is one of only two living survivors of Pearl Harbor.

"There's only two of us left alive I'm in contact with him all the time his name is Capalosezo and he lives in Toms River New Jersey," Stork said.

Stork and veterans of other wars were at the VA hospital, looking at plastic replica models of the USS Arizona and planes that were destroyed on December 7 1941.

"It established the United States as a world leader, a world power and it set the tone for future generations," said Derek Campbell from the Tucson Chapter of International Plastic Modeler's Society.

More than 2400 soldiers were killed in the attack on December 7 1941.