Captain Kelly returns yearbook to Mesa Verde

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It was more than seven months ago that Captain Mark Kelly took a yearbook from Mesa Verde Elementary School to outer space.

Tuesday he returned that same book to the school that Christina-Taylor Green attended before she was killed on January 8.

Back in May Captain Mark Kelly, husband of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, asked for a yearbook from the students at Mesa Verde Elementary.  Christina-Taylor Green attended, before she was killed on January 8.

"You know Christina-Taylor Green was a very special little girl, but it was important for me to do something for her and for the Green family and for the school here,"  Kelly said.

Tuesday, Kelly returned the yearbook to the students at Mesa Verde and received a heroes welcome.

The yearbook traveled more than six million miles on its space journey and it almost didn't make it back to the school.

"We had a little scare Tuesday when I was looking for the yearbook in the morning and couldn't find it and I had to get on an airplane in a couple of hours, but we eventually found it after I left.  We had to have it FedEx here," Kelly said.

The yearbook did make it and the students were excited to see Kelly and the book back on earth.

Michael Mayberry thought it was pretty cool.

"Because knowing that it was in outer space and how it lasted so many months without breaking," said Kelly.

To Captain Kelly's surprise, the school honored him and thanked him by making him an honorary Mesa Verde Mountain Lion.

The yearbook will now be placed on permanent display at Mesa Verde Elementary School.