Queen of Cleans favorite things

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Baseboard Buddy: This allows you to quickly clean baseboards without ever bending over. You can dust them or wash them with this device. Makes a great stocking stuffer for the Ms Clean in your life. Baseboardbuddy.com $24.99

Vacc U Flex: This turns your vacuum into a sucking machine that can go anywhere. No area is too small. Clean chandeliers, in crevices and under furniture easily without moving anything. Great in the workshop. Terrific stocking stuffer for dad. Vaccuflex.com $14.95

Doorbell Guard: Lets you control when you allow someone to ring your doorbell. Great for people with babies napping, shift workers, people who are ill etc. Also a great baby shower gift. doorbellguard.com, Select Walgreens and ACE $9.99

Robostir: Does the stirring for you. I used it when making pudding and white sauce. It did the stirring so I didn’t have to. Three speeds, easy to use and to clean. Big box stores $10.99

Shed Monster: A professional De-shedding tool. Removes loose hair from cats and dogs without pulling or hurting the way many comb-type can. Our cats enjoyed the brushing process using this and it’s easy to clean. PetsMart, Amazon.com and other pet stores. About $20.00

Fur Fighter: Removes cat hair from clothes and upholstery easily. Walmart, Amazon.com $$6.00 for starter kit.

Hanger Holders: Stores your unused hangers so that they don’t tangle. Great way to store them to take back to the dry-cleaners if you recycle them. Container Store $14.99 Improvements Catalog $9.99

Leather CPR: If you are giving the gift of leather give this product too. Cleans and conditions all leather except Suede. Great on furniture, coats and jackets, purses, boots, etc. Bed Bath and Beyond $11.99

Water Gems: A great way to grow plants in water. Especially good for things like Bamboo. Toss the gems in water and soak about 4 – 6 hours. They absorb the water and expand to the size of marbles. Can be used over and over by resoaking. Put the plant in the container and fill with the gems. They release the water into the plant. Michaels around $2.50.

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