Mark Kelly makes Tucson stops promoting book

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Astronaut Mark Kelly made a few stops in Tucson Tuesday and including the U of A where he was promoting the book he wrote with his wife, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

About 2500 people reserved tickets for this free event, a chance to hear from the person who knows first hand how Gabby is healing from the wounds of January 8.

The book is called Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope, and it details how the couple evolved all the way to how they are getting by since Gabby was shot.

Kelly described Gabby's part in writing the book.

"When it was a pretty good chapter then I would take it to Gabby and we would talk about it and she would read it, I would read parts to her.  We would go over it in detail, she would tell me thing that were missing, which early on was hard for her to do.  She could make it very clear that there's something left out that or there's something wrong and in the process it was good to see it got easier for her over time," said Kelly.

Kelly says he left nothing out. The book goes into Gabby's childhood, his childhood, how they met and so on.

Kelly also said he didn't know where to start the book and there was a time where he was telling a story to his collaborator being on the beach with Gabby and they decided a happy moment shared between the two of them made a great first chapter.