Police searched for belts, iron, knives inside Jhessye Shockley's home

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PHOENIX -- The morning of November 21st, many neighbors were shocked to see officers back at the home of missing Jhessye Shockley, suited up to search while her mother, Jerice Hunter, sat in jail, arrested for child abuse.

The new information from Jhessye's siblings, saying their mother Jerice had abused her daughter, and locked her in a closet, led to a new search. A sister said the last time she saw Jhessye, she looked like a zombie.

The search warrant obtained by 3TV shows what detectives hoped to find inside. The list includes supplies possibly used to clean the scene like buckets, mops and bleach. They also wanted photographs of Jerice and any co-conspirators in Jhessye's disappearance. Belts, firearms and knives are also listed as part of a search for blunt or sharp objects that could have hurt or killed Jhessye. There's also unusual stuff, like a blue bowl from the kitchen, yellow shredded papers, maybe from the phone book, and an electric iron. Items, perhaps mentioned by Jhessye's siblings when they talked to police, but in what context, we're not sure.

Jerice Hunter has maintained her innocence, and after spending a week in jail last month she is a a free woman, since no formal charges were filed.

Glendale Police say although Jerice Hunter is out of jail, investigators continue to work that case.