Pet of the Day - Java

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#709748 – 1.5 Years Old – Shepherd Mix – Female

Java has got her eye on you! This extraordinary girl has quite a life story to share. Born with 8 other puppies in a shelter to a stray mom, Java watched as, one-by-one, her mother and siblings all found homes. As she grew to be 3 months old, it became apparent that Java’s right eye wasn’t developing normally due to a congenital disorder and that she would need to have it removed. While on the operating table, Java’s heart and breathing stopped. For 20 minutes, Java was pronounced dead but the veterinarians continued attempting to resuscitate her. Miraculously, she returned and has been one tough cookie ever since. During her short lifetime, Java has been through numerous homes. Surrendered for economic reasons and after being attacked by the other dog in her home, Java could certainly use a permanent place to live with people who will love her forever. As all of her adoring friends and fans will tell you, Java is a terrific girl. She’s great with other dogs of all sizes and kids of all ages. Among her favorite treats are carrots, ice cubes, peanut butter, and playtime. Java delights in snuggling and chasing laser pointers. She's docile, tenaciously loyal, appreciative and understandably clumsy. Recently, Java had to have her canines removed due to severe dental damage. But she still loves to smile at you with her irresistible toothless grin. No matter what life throws her way, Java preserves undaunted and ready for another adventure. Won’t you please offer her a better and brighter future?  Please visit her soon at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.