Rothschild takes office as Tucson's mayor

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's a new beginning for the City of Tucson.  Monday, Jonathan Rothschild went from mayor-elect to mayor and he's ready to take on the challenges that come with it.

As Jonathan Rothschild was sworn in as mayor of the City of Tucson.  Outgoing Mayor Bob Walkup handed over the reins and now assumes the title of former mayor after 12 years of serving the old pueblo.  Rothschild says, he's ready to lead the city.

"Excited.  A lot of anticipation.  A little nervous, ready to go.  I will be busy," said Mayor Jonathan Rothschild.

The mayor says he plans to hit the ground running. First order of business, completing his staff and then.

"We're going to work on our 180 day plan were going to put it up on the board find those things that we can get to right away and find the people that can help get us there, that will keep us busy," said Rothschild.

That plan consists of developing local jobs and improving communication with city council members and other leaders.

Members of the mostly democratic city council do see some positives with Rothschild, also a democrat, taking over as mayor.

"It's great to have somebody that you know who's going to be a great mayor coming in," said Councilman Paul Cunningham.  "He will have done his homework.  That's one of the things I will appreciate about him because I will know he will come to the council meetings and read the material and study the issues."

The council members also know he'll have a pile of issues on his desk waiting for him at the top floor of city hall.

"His challenge right now is we've got budget season in a month it starts in a month and that's that big package we got to put a package together as effective as last year's," said Councilman Steve Kozachik.

After an inaugural luncheon, it was back to work as Mayor Rothschild took part in his first council meeting.

Before taking the job as mayor, Rothschild was a managing partner in a law firm.

His term runs until 2015.