Phoenix woman claims school district can't locate transcipt from 16 years ago

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Carrie Bradley knows the importance of education, so she's taking classes at a community college.

"I think education is very important because there is no way that anyone can integrate into society or increase their standard of living unless they have an education," Bradley said.

And while she's working on furthering her education, she's also applying for different jobs in hopes of increasing her income.

But a recent job opportunity required something Bradley couldn't seem to find and that was her high school transcript.

"I had applied for a job and they said I needed to have my school transcript so I went to the school and they said they didn't have a copy because it's been awhile since I went to high school," Bradley said.

No record of her high school transcript seemed unusual, so she kept requesting one.

Bradley acknowledges she doesn't have much of a history with her old school.

After transferring from Florida as a teenager back in the 1990s, Bradley said she was required to take two summer school classes at Camelback High School.

Bradley said she was told if she fulfilled the two summer school classes, she would qualify to obtain her high school degree.

Bradley said she completed the two classes, but 16 years later there's no record of her at all, leaving her rather surprised and disappointed.

"I never dreamed that that would be possible," she said. "I mean in our country records are everything. We have records everywhere and that's something that people are supposed to take a high priority in."

The Phoenix Union School District said it will continue to look for the transcript. However, as of now, they're concerned Bradley may not have earned a degree like she thought from 16 years ago.

A spokesman for the school district said in order to have qualified for a high school diploma, Bradley would have had to also enroll in one more class during the fall to have what's called "seat time" in class. If she would have had "seat time" during the fall, she would have received a diploma.

However, Bradley said she actually did receive a diploma. She clearly remembers getting it, however, she is unable to locate it after all these years.

If anything new happens in the near future, I'll update this news report.